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Latest news

Luxibel is proud to introduce the B Expo Family at LDI Show in Las Vegas. 

To support the growth of Luxibel, AED is delighted to announce the appointment of Damon Crisp as the new International Sales Manager for the Luxibel brand and for the unique VMB Show Lift. 

At Generations Light & Sound Rental B.V. they are preparing all their new Luxibel B PAR180RGBW fixtures for the summer season in

The German full-service provider GAHRENS + BATTERMANN invests in State-of-the-Art LED Blinder B Blinded manfactured by Luxibel.

Quality control starts with the design of the products, the choice of components and the selection of reliable manufacturers.

At Prolight & Sound 2018 Luxibel revealed two brand new lighting fixtures: B P9 & B P9Z.

After the acquisition by AED group in December 2016, the audiovisual brand Luxibel underwent a real transformation.

Luxibel will be present at Prolight & Sound 2018 in Frankfurt.
The trade show will be held from Tuesday 10 April until Friday 13 April. 

De Singel, one of the leading classical venues in Belgium, has invested into the Luxibel LED Blinder range. A total of 10x B Blinded1 and 4x B Blinded were bought for their productional needs.

Luxibel B P9 Zoom


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Leuven (Belgium)
Duffel (Belgium)
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