ASL Electronic

Luxibel welcomes ASL Electronic as distributor for the Swiss region. ASL Electronic is a leading sales and distribution specialist in Switzerland offering vast and dynamic experience in the professional lighting market since 1982. It is a purely wholesale company covering all three language regions of Switzerland, with the cornerstones of its successful sales concept being high stock levels and short delivery times.

The sales team is well known nationwide, has excellent connections to all the major players and a diverse portfolio of premium products and brands are already on-board, including several industry leading brands.

David Scherz, ASL CEO, states, “We are very excited to be distributing the Luxibel Product portfolio in Switzerland. It is a well-placed range of very innovative Products for exhibitions, shows, studios as well as the theatre marked. We are extremely enthusiastic about our collaboration now and look forward to a long and fertile partnership.“

Michael Staffopoulos, Senior International Sales Manager for Luxibel says: “We are so delighted to have these wonderful gentlemen from ASL on board. The first meetings we had took place just before the pandemic hit us, so we had all the time to align during the last 2 difficult years. It made me even more confident ASL will be the perfect partner for Luxibel in Switzerland. Their solid team covering the 3 different regions will ensure a perfect representation and after sales service for our brand.”