Move To LED

Upgrade your lighting and benefit both your wallet and the planet!

Here's why you shouldn’t miss out:

-    Cash for Old: Bring in your old lighting fixtures and receive an immediate discount on our state-of-the-art Luxibel LED fixtures.
-    Eco-Friendly: Transition to Luxibel LED, which not only lasts longer but also consumes significantly less energy. Together, let's champion a sustainable future.
-    Tailored Discounts: Peek at our comprehensive table to see the impressive amounts we offer for your trade-ins. Remember, to determine your final trade-in value, simply deduct your personal discount from the listed price.
-    Additional Savings: As always, enjoy your personal discount on the purchase of our latest Luxibel fixtures.

Time's Ticking: Seize this opportunity by 31/12/2023 and invest in a brighter, greener tomorrow.

Switch, save, and sustain with Luxibel!

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