Luxibel and Norsk Sceneteknikk start a partnership

Norsk Sceneteknikk has been appointed as the new distributor of the Luxibel product line in Norway.

New expansion of the Luxibel sales network

Having been a member of the AV business for over 40 years now, Norsk Sceneteknikk can help out professional users with all kinds of sales and installation projects, covering everything from rigging to high-quality lighting equipment.

After years of low-cost LED fixtures flooding the market, the company notices that Norwegian customers are attaching more importance to quality nowadays. Since January 2020, Norsk Sceneteknikk has been feeling fortunate to have Luxibel added to its professional supplier network.

Jan Robert Midtbø, CEO of Norsk Sceneteknikk: “We have a decade behind us where LED fixtures were only rated by price. We are therefore proud and excited about this new collaboration and are looking forward to presenting Luxibel in Norway. We know that this brand will deliver the quality that our customers expect from us.”

Michael Staffopoulos, Senior International Sales Manager at Luxibel, adds: “We are extremely delighted to welcome Norsk Sceneteknikk as a distributor of our products. They have a wonderful team, an excellent reputation and a great aftersales service. Furthermore, this new reliable partner has a large network within the Norwegian AV industry.”

About Norsk Sceneteknikk
Norsk Sceneteknikk was founded in 1979. Thanks to many years of experience, this second generation family business is able to provide the professional Norwegian entertainment market with all kinds of services and equipment. With core values like quality, superb service and customer satisfaction, Norsk Sceneteknikk delivers flexible high-standard theatre technology solutions to cultural centres, schools, theatre halls, cinemas, operas, etc. Its product range contains lighting, mechanical stage equipment, film canvases, textiles, mobile stage and grandstand solutions and many more.