Luxibel & ULA group

ULA Group has been appointed as the new distributor of the Luxibel products in Australia and New Zealand.

Luxibel expands its sales network

ULA Group is established in 1992 and has proven throughout the years to be one of the global industry leaders for providing innovative, reliable, durable and engaging lighting technology across all spectrums. 

“We are very excited about our recent addition of Luxibel to our extensive product portfolio. It is an immensely focused decision based upon our ever-evolving markets”, says Cuono (Con) Biviano, Managing Director of ULA Group. “Luxibel’s unique ability to develop the product into specific marketplaces brings to us a superbly tight range with purpose, which is a solution that our clients regularly seek out. We are thrilled to forge this close partnership with Luxibel”.

Damon Crisp, International Sales Manager of Luxibel, comments: “Con Biviano and I have known each other for more than 25 years and in that time we have done many fruitful deals together. Once I explained the Luxibel ethos and several meetings across LDI, ISE and Prolight & Sound a deal was formed.”

About ULA Group
The ULA Group has been built on the formation of successful relationships and their continued commitment to exceeding their client’s expectations has put the company at the forefront of the industry. The core of ULA Group is the belief in forming strong relationships – their business is people as much as it is solutions. The ULA Group delivers a fully comprehensive service to provide visual enhancement to the most prominent and iconic structures, buildings, entertainment venues, performances and multi-faced engineering projects, worldwide. To make this happen, they collaborate with international brands as a manufacturing partner and exclusive distributor of allied products and services.

About Luxibel
Luxibel is the professional AV lighting brand by AED group. Luxibel develops bright luminaires for clever AV users, designed and manufactured with the knowledge of AV professionals. A six-step quality program is the core of Luxibel’s reliability focus. Luxibel believes strongly in Asset Management 2.0. There are many ways to acquire a Luxibel product by using the AV Business Tools from AED group: sales (new and second hand), rental, leasing or Pay-Per-Use.
Each product of the Luxibel Pro AV range offers unique features for a wide scope of applications and was designed to meet the highest productional requirements with the best ‘value for money’. Today Luxibel offers a clever product portfolio that contains blinders, expo lights, moving heads, wash lights, pars, soft lights and matrix lights. Discover also the new Luxibel Expo Tools.

Picture Left: Damon Crisp (Luxibel) - Right: Cuono Biviano (ULA Group)

Luxibel & ULA group