Luxibel IP-owers Up Expression Events

AV equipment hire company Expression Events has made a major investment in Luxibel’s powerful B PAR180RGBW fixtures for its range of projects, including festivals, corporate and architectural. 

Luxibel IP-Rated PARs Power Up Expression Events

The team, headed up by Lewis Richardson, arranged a shootout to source a bright, IP-rated, multifunctional PAR fixture for its expanding outdoor architectural and entertainment portfolio. 

“We trialled most of the other brand fixtures during the shootout and Luxibel came out on top for each element we were looking at: build quality, brightness, size, weight, functionality and of course price point,” says Richardson. “It was an easy choice.”

The B PAR180RGBW is made up of 12x 15W LEDs in a 25° angle, offering high saturated colours and smooth dimming. It is one of the most powerful RGBW LED pars on the AV market.

“Our clients can rely on the fact they will be getting what we consider to be the best IP-rated par fixture available, with brilliant colours,” Richardson continues. “Being backed up by AED Rent, we can get large numbers to support any size of project.”

Over the winter months, Expression Events has seen the new fixtures go out on three different ice rink seasonal installations, with fifty of the units going out at once. “The B PAR180RGBW were key for continuing with our contracts with these attractions in the run up to Christmas,” he says. “We are also doing much more architectural jobs alongside our live music clients.”

The entire Luxibel range, including the B PAR180RGBW, is available from AED. 

Image Caption: Lewis Richardson and David Baker from AED. The company says Luxibel won a shootout on build quality, brightness, size, weight, functionality and price