Luxibel launches new Wash Light Series

At Prolight & Sound 2018 Luxibel revealed two brand new lighting fixtures: B P9 & B P9Z.
Thinking about lighting your stage backdrop in a bit of cherry red or bright orange this summer? 
Or washing the outdoor walls of your architectural project in a cool midnight blue? 
If yes, do take a moment to have a closer look at the new B P9 and B P9Z by Luxibel! 

These 2 brand new RGBW LED wash fixtures are designed to bring a tidal wave of colour and output to any stage or building wall. They are completely IP65 rated, allowing them to be used both indoors and outdoors.  The fixtures come with a rigging bracket  - a super-easy design allowing the BP9’s  to be placed in an array. The B P9Z zooms 7° to 58°, while the B P9’s zoom is fixed at 25°. Each line of 9x 15W LEDs can be controlled individually to create special effects.

“The Luxibel range is all about qualitative and innovative products that are ready for the market of the future.“ comments Nils De Laeter, Product Manager at Luxibel. “All our products are professionally designed and certified. We want to guarantee top quality products that are 100% reliable in use. Should a customer decide to invest in the BP9Z; there is now rental support from AED Rent. This gives any user extra flexibility in times of need."

The B P9 and B P9Z are now brought to market as demo products. For a demo of the fixtures or any other Luxibel product, please contact your local representative. Your nearest Luxibel representative can be found on the Luxibel website.  

©Photo: aadhoc-media – Thomas Rohwedder