Luxibel lights up conference for 12.000 guests

Last month, 450 Luxibel fixtures lit up a large conference in London. ACS audiovisual solutions, a large AV supplier located in Amsterdam, provided all AV equipment for this big show in the 125 x 68 m hall with 12.000 seated guests.
In the past ACS opted for 5 kW fresnel lights for this event, but in recent years they’re investing more and more in eco-friendly lighting technologies. The transition to LED lighting has resulted in energy savings of 80% to 90% in comparison to conventional lighting. Therefore ACS teamed up with Luxibel and its B Blinder series.
The 8500m² conference hall was equipped with 160 B Blinded's and 120 B Blinded1's as dimmable house wash lights and 80 B Blinded's that served as key light on the aisles. Another 46 blinders were connected per 2 to create a Rock 'n Roll 4-lite audience blinder. 
A major demand for this event was to have the house wash on an even color temperature, no matter the intensity. To realize this the “Dimmer speed” was set to "Fast" and there was no “Amber drift” or warm glow in the lower dim range. This resulted in a very happy Video Director and a stable camera image. Around the LED walls, 48 Luxibel B PAR105RGBW's were used to create a bigger look into the set.

The Luxibel fixtures where used 16 hours a day and required 8 times less power than a conventional set! 

Less cabling, less transport volume, less heat generation: Luxibel offered it all in this large scaled production.