More and more big companies have their products converted into 3D symbols so that designers can smoothly get started in Vectorworks. This is also the case for AED group, the reference for stage materials in the audiovisual sector. In collaboration with RTN Showsupport, AED groups' full Luxibel range of professional lighting fixtures is now included in the Spotlight library. 


On the occasion of the second birthday of the brand by AED group, Luxibel launched a brand new and complete stand construction concept at the AED Customer Nights in Belgium. The sleek design of the rectangular heavy duty truss results in a very elegant look, without sacrificing load capacity.


Rixx Eventtechnik, ein Unternehmen der MYEVENT GROUP, aus Bad Neustadt investiert in Luxibel B Blinded, B Panel240WW & B Panel120WW. Nach langer Suche und intensiven Tests mehrerer Geräte stellt der B Blinded für die Geschäftsführer die erste echte Alternative zu konventionellen Blindern dar.


Die Firma Cassiopeia Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH aus Renchen investiert in den Luxibel B Blinded. Die Geschäftsführung des Unternehmens sagt zu unserem Luxibel B Blinded: „Ein Blinder ist ein Effekt, den wir in 10 Jahren immer noch auf Bühnen sehen werden.


Luxibel is proud to introduce the B Expo Family at LDI Show in Las Vegas. 


To support the growth of Luxibel, AED is delighted to announce the appointment of Damon Crisp as the new International Sales Manager for the Luxibel brand and for the unique VMB Show Lift. 


At Generations Light & Sound Rental B.V. they are preparing all their new Luxibel B PAR180RGBW fixtures for the summer season in The Netherlands. 


The German full-service provider GAHRENS + BATTERMANN invests in State-of-the-Art LED Blinder B Blinded manfactured by Luxibel.


Quality control starts with the design of the products, the choice of components and the selection of reliable manufacturers. Each Luxibel product that rolls off the belt undergoes an 8-hour endurance test and is checked on 22 functionalities at AED HQ.


At Prolight & Sound 2018 Luxibel revealed two brand new lighting fixtures: B P9 & B P9Z.


After the acquisition by AED group in December 2016, the audiovisual brand Luxibel underwent a real transformation. The existing product range was completely replaced by a series of twenty new AV products developed by AED group and produced under their supervision.


Luxibel will be present at Prolight & Sound 2018 in Frankfurt.
The trade show will be held from Tuesday 10 April until Friday 13 April. 

Come and see our newest products at the Luxibel booth in Hall 4.0 C54.