Small high power full colour LED fresnel

The B FRESNEL1 is a small high power full colour LED fresnel light specially designed for high demanding customers. It delivers a very powerful and high quality wash light.

Fully automated high CRI fresnel

Introducing the B EXPO500ATW, the fully automated high CRI Fresnel that has set the standard for

High CRI wash light

Meet The B EXPOFLOODDL60° - the ultimate wash light!

High CRI fresnel with automated zoom

Introducing the  B EXPO500TW- the high CRI Fresnel light with automated zoom.

100W High CRI Warm White Expo Light

The B EXPO100MWW- the 100W high CRI warm white Expo light that packs a huge power in a compact si

High CRI fresnel

Introducing the B EXPO350M- the powerful and high-quality wash light ideal for exhibitions,

High CRI fresnel

The B EXPO200MCW- the perfect choice for high-demanding customers who require high-power Fresnel

Fully automated fresnel

Introducing the B EXPO350A, the ultimate fully automated Fresnel!

High CRI fresnel

The B EXPO200MWW - the high-power LED Fresnel light that exceeds the expectations of even the mos