B HC-600
B HC-603(-B)
B HC-604(-B)
B HC-650
B HC-651
B HC-600-...


Couplers for B H30V truss

Luxibel B H30V uses conical couplers to connect. The conical connecting system is a safe, fast and easy way to connect your truss. Luxibel offers a multi-colour selection of anodized couplers, as well as black pins. 

  • B HC-600 - Truss connector
  • B HC-603(-B) - Pin for R-spring
  • B HC-604(-B) - Pin for M8-nut
  • B HC-650 - Half-male coupler W/O offset - M12
  • B HC-651 - Female receiver M12 - 75mm
  • B HC-600... - Anodized couplers