B Cannon
B Cannon
B Cannon
B Cannon


High volume air disinfection unit

The B CANNON is a high volume air disinfection unit for large scale venues. Its high air flow capacity and very high internal UVC disinfection, makes sure that all microorganisms are effected inside the B CANNON. No UVC radiation escapes from the unit due to the use of light traps (air passes through, while (UV)-light is blocked).

B CANNON is the perfect solution to disinfect large venues like concert & exhibition halls, sports arenas, shopping malls, production facilities, airports & train stations…  

The B CANNON comes with a B CANNON NOZZLE standard included to use Luxibel's patented Mid-Air Disinfection System (MADS)

  • Fan capacity: 12.000 m³/h
  • 30x Philips TUV 55W HO
  • No ozone emission, no chemicals
  • Easy and fast maintenance thanks to rail system
  • Control: manual, DMX or included remote controller
  • Recommended uptime: 24h
  • Mounting: hanging or standing
  • MADS to create an airflow


Preliminary Specifications

Light source
30x Philips TUV 55W HO
253.7nm (254nm)
Lamp life
> 9.000 hours
Fan noise level @ 1m center
95 dB
Fan capacity
12.000 m³/h
DMX mode
3 channels
3x 400V+N; 50 Hz - 16A
Power consumption
Nett weight
265 kg | 564.4 lbs
Gross weight
265 kg | 564.4 lbs
Dimensions (WxHxD)
2.395 x 1.265 x 800 mm | 94.29 x 49.80 x 31.49 in