Luxibel B Blast Pro Brings Dazzling Light Show to 'Tien Om Te Zien'

September 29, 2022

Luxibel is excited to announce that the B BLAST PRO LED Strobe Bar was chosen by Painting With Light to light up a special anniversary edition of the legendary Belgian music show 'Tien Om Te Zien'.

The B BLAST PRO: An Ideal Tool for Outdoor Broadcast Applications

In August, VTM recorded a special edition of 'Tien Om Te Zien' in Westende, on the Belgian coast. Painting With Light (PWL) was tasked with designing the lighting for this popular live and television show.

Luc Peumans, founder and owner of Painting With Light, was in search of a new, IP65-rated lighting solution. "The Luxibel B BLAST PRO stood out as an innovative and visually striking tool for outdoor broadcast applications. Its high-power white LEDs offered a wide dynamic range. The capability to deliver effective lighting from daylight to night made it particularly appealing," he explains.

Peumans further adds, "The B BLAST PRO's combination of pixel-controlled RGB strips and high-intensity white LEDs created dynamic, atmospheric backgrounds with impactful white effects. It proved to be the ideal power tool for our needs."

The B BLAST PRO is a bright, durable, and versatile strobe light, capable of creating various shapes by seamlessly connecting units. Its flexible locking system allows for easy stacking in various configurations, whether vertically, horizontally, or at other angles.

Hans Vanderheijden, Commercial Director of AED group, highlights its versatility: "The B Blast Pro comes with several brackets, enabling creative shaping. The B BRACKET PRO even allows vertical mounting under a truss or stacking on the floor with a base plate. This feature simplifies and secures the mounting process of the strobe bar."

With its robust design and versatile mounting options, the B BLAST PRO is not just powerful, but also an adaptable lighting solution for various event settings.

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