Luxibel is all about creating lighting that's easy to use and flexible for the entertainment world. Our lights work well in many different situations, making sure our customers get a great product that's worth their investment.

Our products are perfect for a wide range of applications, including Film & Television, Architainment, Theatre/House of Worship, Live Entertainment, and even Exhibition/Museum/Retail settings. The 'X' in Luxibel represents this incredible versatility.

Our products originate from our Belgian R&D center, ensuring top quality through rigorous control both in manufacturing and at our headquarters. Emphasizing durability, we offer long-term value enhanced by AED group’s dry hire support, maximizing investment returns for our clients.

With a global reach, Luxibel maintains a personal approach, understanding and meeting the unique needs of clients worldwide. We're more than a lighting company; we're a partner in creating extraordinary entertainment experiences.
Circoloco, Puurs (Belgium). Production by Brasson.


Film & Television

Enhance your setting with our high CRI lighting fixtures, designed for clarity and precision in film and television production.


Our lighting solutions seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality, ideal for architectural and entertainment applications.

Theatre / House of Worship

Our lighting products offer refined control and subtlety, perfect for the nuanced requirements of theatre and sacred spaces.

Live Entertainment

Dependable and adaptable, our lighting ensures outstanding performance for all live entertainment venues.

Exhibition / Museum / Shop

Illuminate your displays with our elegant and precise lighting, enhancing the viewer's experience in exhibitions, museums, and retail environments.

An AED group company

Luxibel is proud to be a brand of the AED group. The leading dry-hire rental company in Europe and Middle East. 

More info: www.aedgroup.com
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