AED Group Announces Luxibel's Exciting New Product Range and Philosophy at ISE2024

January 30, 2024

Willebroek, Belgium – AED Group is happy to announce that Luxibel, its professional AV lighting brand, is set to make a big splash at ISE2024. The largest European fair for event technology will witness Luxibel unveiling its latest range of lighting products, a testament to the brand's commitment to durability and flexibility.

New era at Luxibel
Luxibel's participation at ISE2024 marks a pivotal moment in its journey. The brand is set to redefine itself with its commitment to flexible lighting solutions, aligning perfectly with AED Group's vision of innovation, adaptability and excellence.

Featured Products at ISE2024

  • The XPA-400C: A modern multi-color soft light, with an impressive CRI and unique RGBWWLC LED source with warm white.
  • The XFR-140C: This dynamic, high-output RGBL Fresnel combines vibrant colors with high CRI, tailored for diverse lighting requirements.
  • The XFL-300TW: A robust, high CRI floodlight, designed for expo lighting or as a multipurpose work light, showcasing Luxibel's flexibility.
  • The MULTI DOLLY: With the new brand philosophy in mind, this dolly system is acclaimed to be the most adaptable in the world, suitable for pre-rig, pre-production, and transport needs.
  • The new Dolly Cover: This durable and transparent cover for lighting dollies, including the MULTI DOLLY, provides protection against unpredictable weather conditions all around the world.

Join Us at ISE2024
Join us at booth 1F350 at ISE2024, Fira Barcelona - Gran Via, and be part of Luxibel's exciting new chapter. Experience our innovations firsthand and see how we're shaping the future of lighting technology.

About AED Group
AED Group, with its headquarters in Willebroek, Belgium, is a leading provider in the AV industry, offering solutions in equipment rental, sales, leasing, and service. Luxibel, as a part of AED Group, continues to push boundaries in professional lighting, making significant strides in technology and design.

The official Luxibel logo

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