100W High CRI Warm White Expo Light
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The B EXPO100MWW is a testament to power-packed efficiency in lighting technology. This 100W high CRI warm white fresnel light is designed to deliver robust performance in a surprisingly compact form. It's the ideal solution for small spaces that require a powerful wash of warm, high-quality light.

Control and customization are at the forefront with the B EXPO100MWW. It features a user-friendly 4-button menu accompanied by an LCD for effortless operation. The flexibility in beam angle adjustment, ranging from a focused 21° to a broad 85°, makes it suitable for a variety of lighting needs. Whether you're spotlighting a specific area or washing a larger space with warm light, this model adapts seamlessly.

Notably, the B EXPO100MWW is equipped with several features that enhance its functionality in different environments. The safety eye ensures secure rigging, while the silent mode operation is crucial for settings where noise must be minimized, such as in live theater or studio recording. The adaptable frequency range further adds to its versatility, allowing it to operate efficiently under various conditions without causing any noise distractions.

In essence, the B EXPO100MWW stands out as a highly flexible and efficient lighting tool. Its combination of compact size, ease of control, adjustable beam angle, and noise-free operation makes it an excellent choice for professional settings where space is limited but quality and versatility cannot be compromised.


100W LED
manual zoom
DMX 5p
AC 100V-240V
298 x 327 x 271 mm
11.7 x 12.9 x 10.7 in
4,28 kg
9.44 lb



Dimensions (WxHxD) 29.8 x 32.7 x 27.1 cm | 11.7 x 12.9 x 10.7 in
Packaging dimensions (WxHxD) 34 x 40 x 30 cm | 11.8 x 15.7 x 11.8 in
Net weight 4.28 kg | 9.4 lb
Gross weight 5.08 kg | 11.2 lb

Mounting options

Hanging 3x M12 hole
2nd suspension / safety wire 1x eye in back of unit to pass carabiner


Beam angle 21°- 85°
Refresh rate Adaptable 600 Hz – 4.000 Hz
Colours 3.000K
Strobe 0 Hz - 20 Hz
CRI 97.4 Ra
TM30 Rf = 95 | Rg = 101
Light output @ 21° @ 3m 4.311 lux
Light output @ 21° @ 5m 1.491 lux
Light output @ 21° @ 10m 405 lux
Light output @ 85° @ 3m 354 lux
Light output @ 85° @ 5m 127 lux
Light output @ 85° @ 10m 32 lux


Menu control TFT display with 4 buttons
Control DMX512, manual
In/Link XLR 5-pin
DMX Mode 1/4/5 channels
Dimmer mode 16-bit dimming
Movement One hand locking


Fixture rated power 100W
LED engine 100W warm white LED engine
Input power 100 - 240V ~ 50/60 Hz - Auto switching power supply
In/Link PowerCon TRUE1 | max. link current 10A
Power Factor 0.963


Cooling Heat Sink + air cooling
IP rating IP20
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