Pre-rig, pre-production and transport dolly system
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Introducing the MULTI DOLLY by Luxibel, a groundbreaking solution in pre-rig, pre-production, and transport systems. This versatile dolly features a robust galvanized frame, designed to work seamlessly with Tente wheels. The innovative design allows the wheels to be attached either on the side or the bottom of the frame, enabling multiple setup configurations. This adaptability ensures that the MULTI DOLLY can be utilized effectively in various orientations, whether horizontally or vertically.

The MULTI DOLLY is compatible with a range of equipment, including:

  • Tente wheels for smooth and easy movement
  • NX34 truss, accommodating standard sizes for efficient integration
  • Solo tubes, offering additional flexibility in setup

Luxibel's MULTI DOLLY is an essential tool for efficient and flexible rigging, staging, and transportation needs, ensuring that your setup process is as streamlined and versatile as your events.

Patent pending.


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