120x 3W CW & 120x 0,3W RGB LED strobe bar
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Elevate your event lighting with the Luxibel B BLAST, a cost-effective strobe bar that brings a dynamic visual experience to any setting. Ideal for clubs, bars, and DJ booths, this strobe bar is equipped with 120x3W Cool White and 0.3W RGB LED bulbs. The B BLAST not only delivers a striking strobe effect but also features captivating RGB pixels on each side, creating an immersive atmosphere.

Link multiple B BLAST units in a seamless straight line using the built-in collinear coupler on the short side of the product, allowing for an extended, continuous lighting effect. The tiltable bracket offers versatile positioning options to suit various lighting designs. Additionally, the B BLAST's compatibility with Art-Net™, sACN, and DMX protocols ensures seamless integration with your existing lighting setup.

In extended mode, each of the 120x 0.3W RGB pixels can be individually controlled for pixel mapping, providing a rich palette of color possibilities. The 120x 3W white LEDs offer robust illumination, addressable in clusters of four, adding depth and intensity to your lighting design. The B BLAST is a versatile and powerful lighting solution that promises to brighten and transform any event.


120x 3W LED CW
120x 0,3W LED RGB
fixed angle
DMX 5p
AC 100V-240V
1095 x 235 x 325 mm
43.1 x 9.2 x 12.8 in
7,8 kg
17.2 lb



Dimensions (WxHxD) 1.095 x 235 x 325 mm | 43.1 x 9.2 x 12.8 in
Net weight 7,8 kg | 17.2 lb
Gross weight 9 kg | 19.8 lb

Mounting options

Hanging 2x Omega bracket with 2x 1/4 turn quick-lock fastener and 13mm hole / 1x main bracket / built in collinear coupler


Beam angle 90° CW fixed | 120° RGB fixed
Colors RGB | CW
Refresh rate 3.000 Hz | 6.000 Hz | 12.000 Hz | 24.000 Hz
Strobe 0 - 25 Hz
Dimming curves 4
Dimming modes 8-bit RGB | 16-bit CW
3 fan modes Auto, silent, full


Display 4x touch buttons
Control single mode DMX512, Art-net, sACN, Kling-Net 3.0
Control dual mode DMX + Art-net, DMX + sACN, DMX + Kling-Net 3.0
In/Link 2x IP20 XLR5 pin | 2x IP65 Ethercon
DMX Mode 5/10/36/52/126/390/400 channels


Fixture rated power 600W
Input power 100 - 240V ~ 50/60 Hz - Auto switching power supply
Power factor 0,96


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