On February 14 - 17 2024, a wide range of AV equipment from AED featured at the unique IIIMAGINE and AiiiR shows at the Antwerp Central Station. IIIMAGINE creates live shows at inspiring locations in Europe for which new electronic music & visuals are developed. AiiiR creates a new show of light & visual projections, accompanied by the AiiiR live ensemble of musicians, playing the electronic harp, synthesizers choir-infused melodies. Embracing a philosophy that merges arts and technology, all creations come from the same team: the III Atelier. Celebrated as one of the most beautiful railway stations in the world, this was their shows in Antwerp Central Station. We are proud that our equipment was able to contribute to the atmosphere:
6 x B Blinded1
2 x B Panel 360TW
20 x B P9Z
Congrats to the entire III Atelier: the talented artists & dedicated production team behind the show. Witnessing our equipment featuring in such a fusion of historical grandeur and cutting-edge performance art at Antwerp Central Station was an honor.
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