Experience the James Bond 007 movies like never before at the highly-anticipated inaugural exhibition in Brussels, Belgium. Luxibel were used to illuminate this extraordinary event, where sets, movie props, and nearly 50 original vehicles from the iconic films take center stage.

Step into a world of espionage and glamour as more than 400 Luxibel fixtures brilliantly highlight each exhibit. They have been strategically deployed, utilizing 1.5km (800 pieces) of NEXT Truss, to create an immersive environment that captivates visitors. Every intricate detail and captivating moment is beautifully accentuated, offering an unparalleled journey through the James Bond universe.

140 x B EXPO500TW
70 x B EXPO350
10 x B P9Z
60 x B PAR105RGBW V2
70 x B PAR360Z

Immerse yourself in the legendary cars, motorbikes, planes, helicopters, and more. Prepare to be shaken and stirred as Luxibel's fixtures transport you into the heart of the action. Don't miss your chance to witness this extraordinary showcase of Bond's legacy.

Installation company: ADC Production
Production: Carbon 12.011

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