The Luxibel B PANEL240CW were an ideal addition for Luxonos to properly illuminate the various livestream assignments. It’s a nice and handy soft light panel and is very user-friendly for both small and large setups.

Luxonos is a full service AV company from Soest, active throughout the Netherlands (and neighboring countries). With a large rental offer they support business and private customers in the field of light, sound, video and FX. Partly due to COVID-19, the demand for live streaming has grown enormously and various studios are built up at customer’s location every week. In order to ensure that the various speakers and/or artists can be properly highlighted, the Luxibel B PANEL240CW was chosen in consultation with AED Netherlands. The Luxibel B PANEL240CW has a powerful Hi CRI (96) LED module, making it ideal for versatile live stream assignments that Luxonos provide. Their stock now consists of 13x Luxibel B PANEL240CW.

Equipment list

The official Luxibel logo

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