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Introducing the B EXPO200MWW - a cutting-edge LED fresnel that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the most demanding professionals in the entertainment lighting industry.

This versatile warm white lighting fixture (also available in a cold white light variant) is perfectly suited for a wide range of applications, including Theatre, TV, studio, and film lighting, as well as its compatibility with churches and various alternative settings.

Packed with advanced features, the B EXPO200MWW offers unmatched convenience and reliability. It features a safety eye for enhanced security, a silent mode for discreet operation, an adaptable frequency rate to suit your specific needs, and 16-bit dimming for precise control over your lighting setup. What truly sets it apart is its unique ability to retain dimming values even during power outages, ensuring uninterrupted and seamless performances.

With its powerful output and high CRI (Color Rendering Index), the B EXPO200MWW is guaranteed to make a lasting impression in any setting, delivering exceptional lighting quality that meets the demands of professional entertainment environments. Elevate your lighting game with the B EXPO200MWW and experience the difference it can make in your production.


200W LED
3.000K or 5.600K
manual zoom
DMX 5p
AC 100V-240V
403 x 467 x 320 mm
15.9 x 18.4 x 12.6 in
10 kg
22.1 lb



Dimensions (WxHxD) 46.7 x 40.4 x 32.0 cm | 18.4 x 15.9 x 12.6 in
Packaging dimensions (WxHxD) 51.0 x 44.0 x 38.5 cm | 20.1 x 17.32 x 15.16 in
Net weight 10.9 kg | 24.0 lb
Gross weight 11.9 kg | 26.2 lb

Mounting options

Hanging 3x M12 whole
2nd suspension / safety wire 1x eye in back of unit to pass carabiner


Beam angle 15° - 45°
Colours 3000K
Refresh rate Adaptable 600 Hz – 4000 Hz
Strobe 0 Hz - 20 Hz
CRI 94
Light output @ 15° @ 5m 2980 lux
Light output @ 15° @ 10m 740 lux
Light output @ 15° @ 15m 290 lux
Light output @ 45° @ 5m 790 lux
Light output @ 45° @ 10m 184 lux
Light output @ 45° @ 15m 67 lux


Menu control TFT display with 4 buttons
Control DMX512, manual
In/Link XLR 5-pin
DMX Mode 1/4/5 channels
Dimmer mode 16-bit dimming
Movement One hand locking
Manual zoom 15° - 45°


Fixture rated power 200W
LED engine 200W - 3000K
Input power 100 - 240V ~ 50/60Hz - Auto switching power supply
In/Link PowerCon TRUE1 / max. link current 10A
Power Factor 0.96


Cooling Heat pipe + air cooling
IP rating IP20
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